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Pop culture, politics, literature, highly personal finance, business, feminism

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Joy luck club mothers and daughters article
The Billfold

Let's Kill Til It's Dead The Myth That Mom's Salary Pays For Childcare

Let's Kill Til It's Dead The Myth That Mom's Salary...

Screen shot 2012 06 01 at 11.22.21 am 640x400 article
The Billfold

When Did It Become OK for a $12 Sandwich Not to Come With a Side?

When Did It Become OK for a $12 Sandwich Not to Com...

3 640x427 article
The Billfold

Saving Money By Getting Married In Iceland: A Public Radio ...

Saving Money By Getting Married In Iceland: A Publi...

Sitting pretty.jpg 260x195 article
The Billfold

Solidarity Forever! Talking With a Radical Coop-Living Bride

Ester: Hello! Could you introduce yourself in a general way? Rebecca: Um, I am a radical leftist extrovert nerd feminist Jew. I work as a fundraiser and communicator for a racial and economic justice community organization. I have lived all over the world and the East Coast. Ester: And you...

Money in the banana stand 260x144 article
The Billfold

Taking a Year Off to Do What You Love, A Year Later

A year ago, I left my job—at an office I'd been at for four years, my personal record—to Do What You Love (DWYL). There were some problems with the non-profit I worked for, most importantly the fact that it felt like a ship headed for an iceberg. (And lo, it transpired...

Screen shot 2012 07 23 at 2.33.35 am 260x148 article
The Billfold

On Selling Book #1 And Dreaming Rothschild Dreams

What are you going to spend your advance on? Boring things like food and rent, or do you have grander plans? (DISNEY WORLD!!)...

Open uri20160718 4627 1jcptmg article
The Billfold

On the Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome — The Billfold

When Jon Stewart broke America’s collective heart by announcing that he was stepping down from his position of Late Night Liberal…...

Open uri20160718 4627 1wgqhau article
The Billfold

Ester Bloom — Medium

The profile of Ester Bloom...

Open uri20160718 4627 ibwrgr article
The Billfold

MegaBus: The Cheapest And Least Pleasant Way To See America — The Billfold

Inspired by this Frugal Traveler article that asks, “Is Megabus the cheapest way to see America?”*...

Open uri20160718 4627 1c27inm article
The Billfold

RENT, 20 Years Later: Why We’ve Come To Hate The Show We Once Loved — The Billfold

Seasons of ugh, please stop, everything about this is the worst...

Open uri20160718 4627 anxbmg article
The Billfold

When Did It Become OK For A $12 Sandwich Not To Come With A Side? — The Billfold

Friends, Romans, countrymen: ¶ When did it become acceptable to charge $12 for a sandwich and not even throw in a pickle on the side?...

Open uri20160718 4627 jle0xd article
The Billfold

The Billfold

Everything you wanted to know about money but were too polite to ask....

Open uri20160718 4627 vvs6s7 article
The Billfold

“I’m Winging It But I Have Hope”: Top Freelancers on Freelancing — The Billfold

Anne T. Donahue, Danielle Henderson, and Devon Maloney dish about debt, jealousy, and other features of the writing life...

Open uri20160718 4627 1pgg8v2 article
The Billfold

How Much I Spent On Hair Products I’ll Never Use Again — The Billfold

My bathroom cabinet is a cemetery...

Open uri20160718 4627 1kiashr article
The Billfold

How Evangelical Christians Do Money: On Tithing — The Billfold

by Ester Bloom and Tara Leigh Cobble ¶ Ester: Good morning!...