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Pop culture, politics, literature, highly personal finance, business, feminism

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Aunt acid9 article

Aunt Acid: Advice on How to Support the Grieving

The Toast's Aunt Acid offers advice on caring for those who are grieving....

Aunt acid 6 inner toddler inner seventyyearold article

Aunt Acid: Advice for Being Deemed Second-Best

The Toast's Aunt Acid advice column on what to do when someone else is chosen over you romantically....

With child article

Bloodier Than 'Carrie': Life with a Body, from Puberty to Childbirth - The Toast

Ester Bloom on puberty, pregnancy, and how she came to terms with her body....

Aunt acid10 article

Aunt Acid: Advice for Dealing with Bigots in the Family

The Toast's Aunt Acid on dealing with bigots within one's own family, and how to prioritize solidarity and truth over "keeping the peace."...

Aa notracist mainart jlongo 1024x1024px article

Aunt Acid: Advice for Owning Up to Racism - The Toast

In which a reader wishing to apologize to a friend for a racist comment made years ago asks Aunt Acid for advice....

Aunt acid11 article

Aunt Acid: Advice for Supporting Creative Friends

The Toast's Aunt Acid counsels a reader who wants to know how to be a good friend to those creative and artistic types....

Aunt acid 3 300dpi article

Aunt Acid: Advice About Sisters

The Toast's "Aunt Acid" advice column deals with having a perfect sister....

Screen shot 2014 07 02 at 9.41.39 am article

Aunt Acid: Advice on Found Money and Cliques

Aunt Acid takes on questions about finding money in your work bathroom and getting along with others in her new illustrated advice column for The Toast....

Aunt acid 7 boonies article

Aunt Acid: Advice on Making a Life in the Boonies

The Toast's Aunt Acid offers advice on how not to be lonesome when you move out to the boonies....

Aunt acid8 article

Aunt Acid: Advice on Job Hopping

Aunt Acid gets real about job hopping, unemployment, and expectations....

Aunt acid 5parents article

Aunt Acid: Advice for the Holiday Season

The Toast's Aunt Acid doles out some advice on coping with your family during the holiday season ahead....

Open uri20160718 4627 1t580b1 article

Aunt Acid and Businesslady: On Religion in the Workplace - The Toast

The Toast's Advice Dream Team, Aunt Acid and Businesslady, join forces to advise a reader whose coworker won't stop quizzing her about her religion....

Dear Businesslady: Advice for Endings and New Beginnings - The Toast

Businesslady reflects on change, loss, opportunities, and what the future might hold in her final column for The Toast....

Link Roundup! - The Toast

The Toast presents a selection of delightful information in the form of a link roundup....

Open uri20160718 4627 1s5mw72 article

Aunt Acid: On Unemployed Partners and Undisclosed Trauma - The Toast

Aunt Acid advises a reader whose boyfriend is down about unemployment, and another who wonders how to tell her husband about past trauma....